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Oh...Shut Up and Pop A Vicodin!
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Vote for Hugh Laurie!!! He's Behind!!! (House)
Can Vote Every 15 minute

Also vote for Jennifer Morrison (Cameron) http://www.hellomagazine.com/vote/mostattractivewoman/month/index.html

Ace 0000 [userpic]

Dearest Snark-Lovers,

Please, do not feel as if I have abandoned this community in any way. I do check up on this quite often. However, for whatever reason LJ has decided that I am no longer allowed to approve or reject entries. It's ticking me off, of course. THUS: I have decided to make this an open-posting community as of tomorrow.

Happy Hughsday!


P.S. - Look for a new layout coming in or around the month of June. ;]

Rioko Avalon [userpic]

Next week I may take the lj-cut off.
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I have a plan: attack! [userpic]

A couple for all y'all:

House: Hello, sick people! I'm Dr. Gregory House!
House: Show of hands: Who thinks I'm not in my right mind?
Chase: *raises hand*
That's all I got for now...I'll post later with more!
<3 Liz

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mollie joy [userpic]

Ah- it's so nice to be able to do this again!

Cuddy's New Assistant: I graduated from Rutgers.

House: Oh, I didn't know Rutgers had a secretarial school.


House: I didn't want ot say anything bad about another doctor- especially a useless drunk


Cuddy: (upon seeing death-row inmate rolling into the hospital) HOUSE!!!

House: Rut-row


House: (to Cameron) Somebody left this [file] on my chair- it's clutter. Forcing me to either deal with the file or never sit down again.


House: What? Mommy and Daddy are just having a little fight. It doesn't mean we're going to stop loving you. Now go outside and play; get Daddy some smokes and an arterial blood gas test.


Wilson: (pointing to House who is watching soap operas and eating a patients lunch) The man's in a coma!

House: He doesn't mind- I asked him.

Wilson: You're getting crumbs all over him.


House: (to Wilson) I mean- I know you're friends with her but bro's before ho's man.


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Jo [userpic]

Avoid study by watching House. Oh yeah. :D

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Ace 0000 [userpic]


I would fist off like to thank those of you who applied for the moderating positions. It's greatly appreciated.

I would also like to thank all of you for replying and showing your concern for the community. I'm now sure that I'm going to keep this community alive for good.

Now, I would like to take a moment to say "Congrats!" to our FOUR new mods:


Your Admin,

EDIT_ Oh my gosh. I absolutely forgot you fido. So, so sorry.

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Ace 0000 [userpic]

I am not happy right about now. I asked for help here but it seems as though this community has been abandoned. Thusly, I am giving you all ONE MONTH to reply to this message, if I don't have at least 25% of the members replies, I'm killing this community. I still need mods.

Don't take this the wrong way. I'm sorry if it sounds bitchy, but I'm really not happy.

I love you all.

♥ Amanda

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Ace 0000 [userpic]

'Lo all. I would just like to say how sorry I am that I haven't been keeping up with this as fast as I should. Finals are coming up and I'm absolutely swamped with work so please bear with me. Also, I'm adding two other mods. E-mail me at panda0705(at)aol(dot)com if you'd like to be one and I'll decide who's getting picked by next week. The cutoff for submissions is this Friday. Also if you'd like to nominate someone for a mod position you can e-mail me with that as well.*

God Bless,
♥ Amanda

*If someone is nominated who hasn't already e-mailed me, they cannot become a mod.

littlebitcloser [userpic]

House: I’m thinking I can convince Vogler it would be more cost-efficient to let me keep all of them.
Wilson: Yeah, you should be able to pull that off. Most billionaires aren’t very good with numbers.
House: It will be more cost-efficient once I’ve grabbed Cameron’s ass, called Foreman a spade, and Chase… well, I can grab his ass, too.
Wilson: You are uniquely talented in many areas, but office politics is not one of them.

Oh and...

Cameron: Men should grow up.
House: And dogs should stop licking themselves, but it isn't gonna happen.

One show left till end of season, they'f better show reruns.

mollie joy [userpic]

In my opinion this episode was more meaty, but had less snarky goodness...not that I'm complaining- it's interesting to know more about House- anyway- here are some morsel's I pulled from the show:

House: "I think I'm coming down with a little case of the clap."

Stacey (Sela Ward): Did you think I was never going to get married?
House: "Not to somone so poorly endowed. This guy's pancreas is pathetic."

Wilson: "Oh, sure, that makes sense. She's just using the old sick husband routine to get back in touch with you."

Stacey: "God you're an idiot!"
House: "I like to think of myself as more of a jerk."

and in a piece of cosmic ponderance...

House (referring to the afterlife): "I find it more comforting to believe that this [life] isn't a test."

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teh Yuni [userpic]

Howdy! I'm new. These are from "Mob Rules."

Bill (the Lawyer): You wanna get smacked too?
House: Oooh, that's a neat trick. Hit the doctor hard enough, and your brother magically goes straight.
(That's an approximate quote, I can't remember it exactly)

House: I need the lawyer.
Vogler: Who'd you kill?
House: Nobody. But it's not even lunch.

Dr. Cameron: Cross off hemlock.
Dr. Forman: You thought he was being poisoned with hemlock? Dr. Eurpides tell you to check for that?

House: But I have a theory. There is one chemical that, if ingested, it causes a person's estrogen level to increase dramatically.
Bill: What is it?
House: It's called...estrogen.

Hold my hand and never let go. [userpic]

Cuddy- "You. In the lobby. Now."
House- "I hurt my leg. I have a note."

lmao.... <3 it!

Sookie Sapperstein [userpic]

Foreman: (to Cameron) Then why'd you come back?
House: Because this . . . is the happiest place on Earth!

Chase: I said I thought it was a trauma-induced aneurism.
House: Yeah, it could have carried a tad more weight if you'd mentioned the "liking pain" thing. You're on my naughty list – sorry, no leather stethoscope this Christmas.

Ramona: Hi – I'm having vaginal pain.
House: Pleasure to meet you.
Ramona: My ob-gyn died recently. Nice man. Warm hands.
House: Not anymore.


I know this one has already been partially said, but I had to post the entire thing because it's my favorite.

House- Sorry. Up late. Internet porn.
Chase- Why aren't you in your office?
House- There's a computer in my office. If I log on, romance will ensue. My wrist might fall off.

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mollie joy [userpic]

The one about Wilson not knowing a Prada shoe if it was stepping on his scrotum?

Best. Snark. Ever.

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Ace 0000 [userpic]

Attention All:

Our layout has been changed ever so slightly to make it a tad more interesting. I would like any feedback as to what you think. Oh yes, and if someone would be so kind as to make us a matching banner VERY similar to the one we have now (only nicer looking) it would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Ace 0000 [userpic]

Just wondering. Which episode do you think has the most snarky goodness in it?

Ace 0000 [userpic]

Almost All Of Them:

House Snarks

"Sorry... up late... internet porn"

"I'm no baby expert but I'm pretty sure they aren't supposed to shrink."

"Raw food... if only her ancestors had mastered the secret of fire"

"Starving babies is bad... and illegal in many cultures"

"don't worry...it's a vegan I.V."

"She choked on soft, wet pear...what? Did she forget to take the bones out?"

WILSON - "He's got a plan against you."
HOUSE - "Does it involve candy? Because I'm a sucker for chocolates."

WILSON - "I got sacked"
HOUSE - "What'd you do? Make a pass at Cuddy. I told you, she only has thighs for me."


"The incredible shrinking baby."

Foreman Snarks

"When a dog dumps on the floor do you pat it on the head and call it a genius?..NO! You smack it on the nose with a newspaper!"

CHASE - "Don't see any signs of vasculitous...odd, since you're always right about everything."
FOREMAN - "Could be a different auto-immunity...or you could bite me"


"Oh well that settles it... Mr Ruthless corporate raider will be totally stimied, go home, curl up on the floor of the shower and weep."</b>

Cuddy Snark

HOUSE - "THIS is how Vogler's going to destroy me?!?!"
CUDDY - "What's he do? Grease your cane?"

*drummroll* The Extra Rare but ALWAYS FUNNY 'HOUSE vs. CUDDY' DOUBLE SNARK!!!

CUDDY - "'course, none of them would have needed saving if you could get along with another human being..."
HOUSE - "Thank you, Ms. Buzzkill."

Sara [userpic]

Clinic patient accuses House and Co. of attempting to trick her into having cosmetic surgery, House responds:

"Yes, that's why I planted a thirty-pound tumor on your ovary."

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